Sunday, February 10, 2008

Giants Fan (for a day)

I work downtown right on the Canyon of Heroes (Broadway), so there was no avoiding the ticker tape parade for the NY Giants. Having never seen one, I was actually quite excited about the whole thing. The energy was awesome and I got totally sucked in. I was a Giants fan...for a day.

Fans were gathered super early in the morning. I ran into this guy at 9am.

The whole time I was trying to work, I could hear the cheers and hollers 15 floors below. I felt like I was grounded and couldn't go to the party. I snuck downstairs after the parade started, but it was totally packed by then. Not confident I'd get back in if I went all the way out, this was my view (well, my camera's view held as high as I could get it).

I love this with the cellphone camera.

Here are two views from my office. This one is the parade going past Trinity Church.

This is the mess a whole block away from the parade.

It was over by lunch time, so I ventured out to see the aftermath.

How quickly things move on.

For the record, I had BOTH cameras on this day. Holy cow! I took video with the small one, so you MIGHT see a little multimedia experiment here as well. No promises.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rallies in Time Square

With the need to kill 2 hours before meeting friends for dinner, I headed to Time Square with my camera (the big one even!). Am I crazy? Perhaps, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and as a bonus there were rallies for the democratic presidential candidates. This made for grouchy cops (perhaps they're like that all the time), but some interesting photo ops if you could get over there.

Here is Hillary's camp.

"Miss, you can't stand here." Okay, okay.

Obama had the largest group - students and Latinos for Obama.

"Miss, you have to keep moving." Sheesh.

"Miss,..." Oh for crying out loud, I'm going, I'm going.