Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Foliage

When you go to shoot the fall foliage in New England, the journeys you can have are endless. Mine didn't turn out quite like I thought, but I still got to go shoot with my friends from my summer workshop in Maine.

My weekend started out at the Photo Expo in New York, went to a wedding in Hartford and moved on to car trouble in New Britain, CT. Uh oh. A last minute invite for Sunday's shoot saved the day and he was able to drive me while my car was fixed.

With a local guide, we got access to some great locations. Thanks Ted!

This was a farm in Kent, CT. There was old farm equipment strewn about the rolling hills, sheep and goats bleating and colors exploding. It was tough to pick just one, but the rolled hay turned out to be my favorite.

On the way to lunch, we stopped at another farm. The simplicity and more rolling hills was like stepping into a calendar. See?

On the same farm, these next two shots are what you get when you follow the seasoned professional around to see what he's shooting. =D Thanks Al!

Got it! Time for lunch!

After grabbing sandwiches in New Preston, we drove to the next farm/vineyard. This was another picturesque calendar location with more rolling hills, a river, a beautiful blue silo, and horses. Horses! This was a clydesdale (I think, huge regardless) and he was great. He was pretty friendly, so I got a lot of shots of his nose, but I got this before he came to try to bite my camera. Bad horsey.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Second Wedding

Posting wedding shots is proving a bit challenging because I want to show you my best shots, but also respect my photographer and the couple. There's only so many details you want to see, right? With that, the second wedding....

This was a beautiful and extravagant affair. The couple was delightful and the guests more than willing subjects. I'll find out at an event after this one how wonderful that is, so I feel the need to express that here.

This was a lovely moment of the bride during cocktail hour. There was a soft light falling from a window on the left, really making her glow. I only had a second to capture this with a brief gap in people flowing between rooms. Got it!

Receptions can be a bit...well, redundant. There's only so many people and fewer yet that are willing to have their photo taken while dancing like fools on the dance floor. This was a sweet moment with the groom's mom and a few of the younger guests taking a break on the sidelines of some action. You can see the cameras poised in the background.

Not an unusual scene at a wedding, but cute nonetheless.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Garden in Transit

Currently in NYC, there's this really cool public art project going on called Garden in Transit. It's part of Portraits of Hope and involves decorating the hood and trunk of taxis in NYC with flower decals painted by kids in schools and hospitals throughout the area. On Sunday, I volunteered with my friend Traci to help put the decals on the cars. We were out at the taxi holding area at JFK airport which was in and of itself an adventure. I really love the cause and am proud to have been part of this project. Plus, it makes the taxis so happy!

This cab driver wanted to choose his decals.

This guy was a professional decal applier from Houston. Fascinating.

All pretty now!

This was in the holding area where the flowers really stood out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coney Island

Last weekend I joined the masses of other photographers to document Coney Island before who knows what happens. I met up with a few people from my Maine Photographic workshop from this summer and despite most of the park being closed, we had a great time. I wasn't as selective this time. Oops.

I started in the aquarium where I got this shot. It was really dark and challenging to shoot, but I think the effect works here.

Hitting the boardwalk for the afternoon light, I couldn't resist this boy in his Spiderman towel. The end of a great beach day.

This is just a 'says it all' Coney shot.

This is the top of a kids' ride in that part that's still open with the Wonder Wheel behind it.

These postcards may have been here since the beginning of Coney Island. Loved them!

We didn't have a good sky, so we had to be creative with the sunset.