Monday, October 1, 2007

Coney Island

Last weekend I joined the masses of other photographers to document Coney Island before who knows what happens. I met up with a few people from my Maine Photographic workshop from this summer and despite most of the park being closed, we had a great time. I wasn't as selective this time. Oops.

I started in the aquarium where I got this shot. It was really dark and challenging to shoot, but I think the effect works here.

Hitting the boardwalk for the afternoon light, I couldn't resist this boy in his Spiderman towel. The end of a great beach day.

This is just a 'says it all' Coney shot.

This is the top of a kids' ride in that part that's still open with the Wonder Wheel behind it.

These postcards may have been here since the beginning of Coney Island. Loved them!

We didn't have a good sky, so we had to be creative with the sunset.

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