Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silent Rave - Union Square NYC

On Friday, there was a silent rave in Union Square. The concept is to load dance music to your iPod and come dance. I stopped by to see the activities just after it got underway.

I first went up to DSW for an aerial view. The window and contrasting light didn't bode well for a good photograph, but I thought I'd include it anyway so you get the idea.

When I went down into the masses, the crowd was full of all sorts of characters. This guy, dressed as he is and standing on a trash can nonetheless, was irked at all of the people taking his photo. What did he expect really?

I didn't get in the middle of things, but got a few shots from the edge. I liked this one. Dirty old man! LOL

This one doesn't really capture the essence of the dancing (no iPods, no movement), but I liked it anyway.

p.s. Obviously this was shot with the little point and shoot. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Last Attempt: En Garde!

Our last shooting location for Sports Photography was fencing. I must admit it was more successful than I had predicted.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Attempt 3: Swimming

Last week we went to this awesome facility to shoot swimming. I actually really liked this venue and the sport. It was probably the hardest to time, but I got my most successful shots here. Unfortunately, you won't get to see them. We were shooting minors, so I can't post them here. Boooo. Here are a few I feel I can include.

Sorry I can't show you more.

Stay tuned...this week is fencing!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Staten Island...Sort Of

On our latest adventure, we went to Staten Island. I know, everyone wants to know why. It was actually a great adventure filled with surprising treats.

Our first stop, after an unexpectedly good lunch of crepes, was the Tibetan Museum. We could only take photos outside and this statue was really the only interesting thing in the garden. Well, there were prayer flags as well, but the harsh afternoon light didn't lend well to photographing those.

Our next adventure was to the Rossville Boat Graveyard. That was the intent anyway. We had to make our way through sticker bushes and over old garbage to get to the swampy water's edge. Beware the toxic mud!

We couldn't actually get to the good part of the boat graveyard due to dogs, security guards and camera surveillance. Sheesh. I had to settle for rusted out garbage in the muck and the mission to find access another way.