Sunday, April 20, 2008

Silent Rave - Union Square NYC

On Friday, there was a silent rave in Union Square. The concept is to load dance music to your iPod and come dance. I stopped by to see the activities just after it got underway.

I first went up to DSW for an aerial view. The window and contrasting light didn't bode well for a good photograph, but I thought I'd include it anyway so you get the idea.

When I went down into the masses, the crowd was full of all sorts of characters. This guy, dressed as he is and standing on a trash can nonetheless, was irked at all of the people taking his photo. What did he expect really?

I didn't get in the middle of things, but got a few shots from the edge. I liked this one. Dirty old man! LOL

This one doesn't really capture the essence of the dancing (no iPods, no movement), but I liked it anyway.

p.s. Obviously this was shot with the little point and shoot. =)

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