Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Staten Island...Sort Of

On our latest adventure, we went to Staten Island. I know, everyone wants to know why. It was actually a great adventure filled with surprising treats.

Our first stop, after an unexpectedly good lunch of crepes, was the Tibetan Museum. We could only take photos outside and this statue was really the only interesting thing in the garden. Well, there were prayer flags as well, but the harsh afternoon light didn't lend well to photographing those.

Our next adventure was to the Rossville Boat Graveyard. That was the intent anyway. We had to make our way through sticker bushes and over old garbage to get to the swampy water's edge. Beware the toxic mud!

We couldn't actually get to the good part of the boat graveyard due to dogs, security guards and camera surveillance. Sheesh. I had to settle for rusted out garbage in the muck and the mission to find access another way.

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