Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Second Wedding

Posting wedding shots is proving a bit challenging because I want to show you my best shots, but also respect my photographer and the couple. There's only so many details you want to see, right? With that, the second wedding....

This was a beautiful and extravagant affair. The couple was delightful and the guests more than willing subjects. I'll find out at an event after this one how wonderful that is, so I feel the need to express that here.

This was a lovely moment of the bride during cocktail hour. There was a soft light falling from a window on the left, really making her glow. I only had a second to capture this with a brief gap in people flowing between rooms. Got it!

Receptions can be a bit...well, redundant. There's only so many people and fewer yet that are willing to have their photo taken while dancing like fools on the dance floor. This was a sweet moment with the groom's mom and a few of the younger guests taking a break on the sidelines of some action. You can see the cameras poised in the background.

Not an unusual scene at a wedding, but cute nonetheless.

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