Monday, December 17, 2007

Dyker Lights

There's a neighborhood in Brooklyn called Dyker Heights and during the holidays, the families try to one-up each other with the light displays on their homes. This has become affectionately known as "Dyker Lights." They even go to the extent of having the lights professionally installed. This I had to see.

This was a tough edit with all there was to see.

This is a simple, more classic home we saw when we first jumped out of the car to explore on foot (much easier to take photos that way of course).

This tree was awesome with the amount of lights. I love how it almost looks as if it was taken in black and white.

Some things were downright creepy, like this 10 foot tall Santa. Most kids wouldn't go past the second stair for the better view and I could hardly blame them.

I started to pick out some of the details amongst all of the chaos, which was challenging and fun. This house had a traditional nativity scene, albeit quite an elaborate one.

I loved the simplicity of the angels and the duplicity of this image. You can imagine them going on and on.

And last, but not least, the toy soldiers. This is just a happy image and I like it.

Happy Holidays!

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Traci said...

These photos remind me of our adventure out in the cold. I especially love the toy soldiers pic!