Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Consumed by Cuteness

While home for the holidays, my parents had two new kittens. Despite the intention to go out and shoot a new surrounding, these two guys consumed about 90% of our entertainment, conversation and my photos. You'll see why below.

Even though they look so much alike, these two little cuties are not from the same litter. It's hard to believe and they took to each other instantly. These shots below were captured between all out wrestling matches and races around the living room (providing quite the photographic challenge).

This is the precious Ramsey. This picture kills me. That face just melts the heart.

This is Tivy with his seductive little Siamese eyes. What a charmer!

In this photo, Ramsey (on the bottom) wasn't feeling too well after eating who knows what. Tivy was showing his concern by snuggling up while he slept. Not sure sitting on top of him helped his belly, but too adorable nonetheless.

Many happy wishes for a prosperous 2008!

p.s. All shot with my big camera! Yay! =)


Linda said...

You're right. They are adorable kitties!

tenzin said...

I really enjoyed your pics and the little stories with them. Keep it coming and thanx. anon.