Monday, January 7, 2008

Enchanted Rock (Texas)

While home in Texas, we did manage to do one hike out at Enchanted Rock, a state park outside of Austin. We did the 6 mile hike that went all the way around the perimeter.

How could I resist the quintessential prickly pear shot? I've always liked the heart-shaped ones and the cliche statement on love.

I loved the tall grasses. I tried a few different versions of this, but this is really the only one that worked.

We dubbed this the "Spider Tree." The branches come out like arms ready to give you a giant hug...or eat you.

This shot was inspired by one I took of a lone tree on the fall foliage shoot (see October post). I shot this while waiting for my family to get out of view, but they really make the shot.

This was literally shooting from the hip. I like the light coming in from the left, the gnarly trees and despite not seeing much of the scenery, I feel it tells a story of it's own.

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Albert Ellenich said...

Great shots! As you know, I tend to have a "thing" for trees, so I really like these, especially the more gnarly looking branches. There's always something so enduring about a tree, from full foliage to bare branches, it survives and makes a statement.