Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Follow Red

A dear friend of mine gave me this idea (although I'm pretty sure I butchered it's original format). The idea is to pick a color and follow someone wearing that color. When you pass someone else in that color, you start following them. I did this at lunch today as a nice break from the office. I picked red, which was...everywhere! I probably could have traversed the same block like a long rally in tennis, so had to alter it just a bit. The other divergence I took was I found it easier to shoot red things that the red person led me to (the ones of the people were all a little blurry since I was pretty much chasing them around). I also had to be wary of all the cops downtown. I'm sure I looked a bit curious doing this.

After a few back and forths, I ended up with with the Big Red Cube. Appropriate really. Add this nice gentleman with the red parka, and wahlah!

After chasing a woman in a red coat with a red backpack through Chase plaza (bummer that one didn't turn out better), I came across this sign. Loved it!

I ultimately was led to the stock exchange. Ahhh, a giant flag with giant RED stripes. Thanks!

In front of the stock exchange was this red bike. I have to say that any other day, I'm not sure I would have noticed.

Finally, this one is obvious...

I think a good way to alter this challenge next time is to pick a less popular color, but also force myself to ask people in that color if I can take their picture (or at least of the clothing item/bag/etc). We'll see how that goes.


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Traci said...

That sounds like fun! And you didn't butcher the idea at all : )