Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Follow Red

A dear friend of mine gave me this idea (although I'm pretty sure I butchered it's original format). The idea is to pick a color and follow someone wearing that color. When you pass someone else in that color, you start following them. I did this at lunch today as a nice break from the office. I picked red, which was...everywhere! I probably could have traversed the same block like a long rally in tennis, so had to alter it just a bit. The other divergence I took was I found it easier to shoot red things that the red person led me to (the ones of the people were all a little blurry since I was pretty much chasing them around). I also had to be wary of all the cops downtown. I'm sure I looked a bit curious doing this.

After a few back and forths, I ended up with with the Big Red Cube. Appropriate really. Add this nice gentleman with the red parka, and wahlah!

After chasing a woman in a red coat with a red backpack through Chase plaza (bummer that one didn't turn out better), I came across this sign. Loved it!

I ultimately was led to the stock exchange. Ahhh, a giant flag with giant RED stripes. Thanks!

In front of the stock exchange was this red bike. I have to say that any other day, I'm not sure I would have noticed.

Finally, this one is obvious...

I think a good way to alter this challenge next time is to pick a less popular color, but also force myself to ask people in that color if I can take their picture (or at least of the clothing item/bag/etc). We'll see how that goes.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

29 Blocks on Broadway

With the day off and 4 hours to kill, I decided to walk up Broadway. With 29 blocks to go, I was bound to see something. My only rule...I had to stick to the east side of the street.

I actually started my journey downtown near Wall Street...on the west side. Anyway, I have been working down there for a year now, but have never gone into St Paul's Chapel where they house a 9/11 exhibit. What struck me most was that they had kleenex sitting there discreetly, but available on a pillar in the middle. Although no one there was moved to tears, the mere fact it was there was telling.

The next stroke of inspiration was one of many street vendors. The belts reminded me of a shot I took in Santa Fe this summer.

Wow, hotter than 50¢? And Mr Hot nonetheless...How could I resist?

This market was frustratingly on the west side of the street.

Ah, Soho. There was so much to capture here, but I felt this is just so Soho. (and yes, I know it's not technically the best, but I still like the composition)

Back to my graphic roots. I was initially struck by the tree up there on the roof.

This isn't on Broadway, but a coffee shop I landed in while killing the last bit time.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Enchanted Rock (Texas)

While home in Texas, we did manage to do one hike out at Enchanted Rock, a state park outside of Austin. We did the 6 mile hike that went all the way around the perimeter.

How could I resist the quintessential prickly pear shot? I've always liked the heart-shaped ones and the cliche statement on love.

I loved the tall grasses. I tried a few different versions of this, but this is really the only one that worked.

We dubbed this the "Spider Tree." The branches come out like arms ready to give you a giant hug...or eat you.

This shot was inspired by one I took of a lone tree on the fall foliage shoot (see October post). I shot this while waiting for my family to get out of view, but they really make the shot.

This was literally shooting from the hip. I like the light coming in from the left, the gnarly trees and despite not seeing much of the scenery, I feel it tells a story of it's own.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Consumed by Cuteness

While home for the holidays, my parents had two new kittens. Despite the intention to go out and shoot a new surrounding, these two guys consumed about 90% of our entertainment, conversation and my photos. You'll see why below.

Even though they look so much alike, these two little cuties are not from the same litter. It's hard to believe and they took to each other instantly. These shots below were captured between all out wrestling matches and races around the living room (providing quite the photographic challenge).

This is the precious Ramsey. This picture kills me. That face just melts the heart.

This is Tivy with his seductive little Siamese eyes. What a charmer!

In this photo, Ramsey (on the bottom) wasn't feeling too well after eating who knows what. Tivy was showing his concern by snuggling up while he slept. Not sure sitting on top of him helped his belly, but too adorable nonetheless.

Many happy wishes for a prosperous 2008!

p.s. All shot with my big camera! Yay! =)